Creative Suite 5 (CS5) and Code Line

Adobe announced Creative Suite 5 (CS5) last month and it's beginning to hit the streets. I've been using Adobe Illustrator since version 3. I've seen some exciting updates (drawing in preview mode in 5.0—yay!) and some pretty uneventful ones (I don't recall CS2 and CS3 being that different from a user's standpoint). But I think CS5 is a fantastic update and I'm really excited about it.

I won't get into all of the new things Creative Suite 5 has to offer. There are plenty of sites that do a great job of explaining that. I will say that Photoshop's
Content-Aware Fills and Illustrator's Variable-Width Strokes (Adobe calls them Beautiful Strokes) are both pretty huge upgrades.

Since CS5 is now shipping, I wanted to let everyone know what's going on with our products that work with Adobe's Creative Suite.

Art Files 1.4.1
  • Status: CS5 not supported, scanning can be unstable
  • Update: 2.0 will be a paid upgrade (est. $24.95/ea.)
  • Timeline: Mid to Late May 2010

SneakPeek Pro 1.3.1
  • Status: Does not support InDesign CS5 documents
  • Update: 1.4 will be a free update to all users, Will add support for multiple-page previews
  • Timeline: Mid May 2010

SneakPeek Photo 1.0.2
  • Status: CS5 Compatible

We're working very hard to beat those timelines to make CS5 support available as soon as possible. I'd be very interested in hearing when everyone expects to update to Creative Suite 5. Please leave your comments below.

Thanks very much for your support of our products!

- Matheau Dakoske

P.S. If you're interested in seeing some of Illustrator CS5s new features, check out
friday with Mordy's Illustrator CS5 Overview. This and his other videos aren't short (about 30 to 40 min. each), but they're so incredibly informative, I highly recommend checking them out.


PT1Time said...

Though I appreciate the sneak peek product demo. I am not interested in purchasing at this time. Now that the demo is expiredI would like to UN-install it. I am having no luck attempting to do this. Help!?

Matheau said...

There's an "Uninstall…" button on SneakPeek Pro's Preference Pane (  > System Preferences > SneakPeek Pro).

You can also download a separate uninstaller from our website (near the bottom of the page):

Same goes for SneakPeek Photo, should you want to uinstall:

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