Art Directors Toolkit, Big Price Drop, Mac App Store

On January 6th, Apple made the Mac App Store (MAS) available. It's a lot like the iPhone's App Store (AS), but for the Mac. It has some neat features for most individuals. For one thing, its purchase, install and update process is about as simple as can be. And you don't have to worry about keeping track of serial numbers. It's all handled automatically.

But the Mac App Store does have some drawbacks. One significant problem is that there's no upgrade path. Upgrades allow users of software to purchase newer versions at a discounted price. Since the MAS doesn't support "upgrades", developers are forced to come up with ways to continue selling new versions without making current users feel cheated. It's not easy, and we've witnessed some pretty vocal users of both the MAS and AS share their feelings with developers.

Once License Fits All

Code Line is facing the same quandary with Art Directors Toolkit (ADT), but I think we have a fair solution: Offer full licenses for the upgrade price. So from this point forward, you can purchase a full license of Art Directors Toolkit 5 from Code Line, or from the Mac App Store, for the same price an upgrade used to cost.

And for the record, whether you buy from us or from MAS, they're the same version (Art Directors Toolkt 5). We'll be supporting both with maintenance updates concurrently. So current ADT5 users are covered.

I hope this sounds fair. Feel free to sound off in the comments.